Bsharri  in Arabic: بْشَرِّيْ‎‎ Bšarrī; will also be spelled BecharreBcharreBsharre

Bsharri is a town at an altitude of about 4,900 ft in the Kadisha Valley in northern Lebanon. It is located in the Bsharri District of the North Governorate,  Bsharri is the town of the only remaining Original Cedars of Lebanon (Cedrus libani).

Bsharri was the site of a Phoenician settlement in ancient times. Maronite Christians fleeing persecution sought refuge in its mountainous terrain in the 7th Century AD. The Kadisha Valley, below the town, became the spiritual center of the Maronite Church. The town was known as Buissera by the Crusades.

In Lebanon, Bsharri natives are characterized as very courageous and tribal. They are known across the northern region for their hospitality and patriotism. They are especially known for their distinct accent when they speak Lebanese Arabic. Unlike other parts of Lebanon, Aramaic was spoken in Bsharri well into the 19th century. As a result, Bsharri natives developed an unmistakably strong accent which lasts to this day.

There are seven Main Families in Bsharri: Sukkar, Kairouz, Chidiac, Geagea, Rahme, Fakhri, and Taouk (or Tawk). Other families in Bsharri are Arida, Choueiri, Shebaya and Boutros.

Bsharri natives are known for their strong Christian faith. Throughout the year, many religious festivities and commemorations take place in the town attracting thousands from neighboring villages.

Today, in 2016, the town is located in a highly touristic zone including many attractions such as theKhalil Gibran Museum, the Kadisha Valley, the Kadisha Grotto, the Cedars of God forest and several ski resorts.

Currently, the District of Bsharri is represented in the Lebanese Parliament by two members, Mrs.Sethrida Tawk Geagea and Mr. Elie Kayrouz, both of them being from the Town of Bsharri and members of the Lebanese Forces political party.

By sami succar, CC BY 1.0,




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