Can anyone shed some light on this?

Click the link below to look at the various sources of information regarding George’s birth date.


















One thought on “The Mystery of George Jacob’s birth date

  1. I think I have it—-

    George put 1883 on the WW I document because it made him ineligible for the draft. Had he put his actual birthdate of July 15, 1885 he would have been 31 years old as of June 1917—all males 21 through 31 years old as of June 5, 1917 were eligible and he would have been a 31 til July, a month inside of that threshhold, but if he bumps it back 2 years he has no questions asked.

    The marriage document:

    I believe Mary is born in 1887 and George is born in 1885 and at the time of their marriage in 1902 they would’ve been 17 and 15 and possibly not legal age to marry—but if George uses Charles birthdate of 1881 and Mary is two years younger they are 21 and 19 again there would be no questions asked.

    I believe that Mary is born in 1887 December 25th seems a little to perfect for the Maronite Catholic but it could be, and that George is born July 15, 1885.

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