OK let me tell you what I know and that Way you don’t have to go through the whole thing.

Azizas brother Joe Nemon married a lady named Viola (Barbara) Thomas in 1913. They had Thelma , another child that dies in 1917, and they had Samuel in 1919.

  I can see Viola/Barbaras name on the 1920 census in Colorado, too. 

And the next thing I see is that joe is marrying a Regina Francis See in Michigan in 1922– A second marriage for both of them.  
I finally figured out that Barbara died in May 1920 she died at 23 years old literally a month  after the census was taken and Today  I figured out she is buried in an unmarked grave in Littleton Colorado –and a lot of you probably know all of this already but I was a little surprised that she’s buried with a baby named Lorene Nemon that was actually Regina and Joe’s baby!

OK so viola/Barbra died in 1920.  Joe must have decided that the kids need a mother he marries this Jenny in 1922 Who is also a widow and they proceed to have Willie. 

OK this is the part I want you guys to fill in for me
So why does Aziza go to Colorado and come back with her brothers kids Thelma, Sam and Willie? 
What happened with Jennie?  

On the other end Of this story is Joe dies a young man of tuberculosis in 1937 —

I know that Jennie/Regina doesn’t die until 1976 and she is not buried with Joe —

she’s buried at Mount Carmel and he’s buried at Calvary with a headstone that says his name and barbara’s name and has a picture of him and Barbara on it —which is sweet and all but the only thing is —-Barbara is not in there!!!! 

Can someone please tell me what happens between 1922 and 1937? 


6 thoughts on “Joe Nemon Story

  1. Thelma didn’t die. I think her mother died died in childbirth after she had Thelma and Willie with their third child. Then he remarried and Azziza went to get the kids and brought them to Toledo. That’s what I thought anyway.


    1. No Thelma didn’t die about 95 years later in 2014

      I must’ve written that grammatically funny they had Thelma in 1915 AND they had another child that died in 1917 and they had Samual at 1919—–


    2. From what I remember, my grandmother went to get mt aunt Thelma because her step mother was not treating her right,!i know that my mother and aunt Thelma were raised by my grandmother.


  2. My great grandmother went to pick up the kids from Colorado because Joe’s wife was abusive. She got on a train went to Colorado and. Fought them backz

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