Finding Nora Bolas Nemon-Aziza’s Mother

My new friend Henny and the road to Nora Nemon

I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing and helpful people working on this family research project, but none more amazing and helpful than Henny.  

We met on the geneology site, Find A Grave, where she volunteers. Henny had taken some pics of our family headstones and created memorials for them on the FAG website. 

Henny grew up and has lived her whole life in Toledo, she saw firsthand what life was like in the north end of Toledo, during the lean, fun times.  Henny knows  every square inch of that city and she knows genealogy.  

After a couple of exchanged emails,  I confessed to Henny that I was getting absolutely nowhere in finding either George or Aziza's parents and she confessed that she had heard about these Jacobses for a very long time and was more than interested in learning about this family.  And with that Kim and Henny had a common goal.

She and I got to work and for months we have shared information with each other, went down rabbit holes together and on many a hunt. We sifted through census reports from Michigan to Colorado. Thought we found a couple of possibilities and neither of them were it.  

We have dreamed up every scenario you can think of about how things could've went down with their immigration and where their parents might be hiding.  

Christmas 2016

Henny didn't feel well over Christmas she she has had some pretty significant health problems.  I didn't hear from her in about four weeks.  I was getting more than a little worried—I didn't realize how close we had become in that short of a period of time. 

Nora Bolous Nemon

After not hearing from Henny for several weeks I received an email  from from her that was like we just spoke yesterday and she never missed a beat– she picked up right where we left off and she said —- 

"so I was reading about this Willie Nemon who died last year and it seems he and his mama bought burial plots together at Mount Carmel cemetery back in the 70s—-".  Henny says "So I Thought I would go to Mt Carmel cemetery to see if Willie kept his word and buried himself with his mama."

Henny continues  "I decided to get up the next day really early,  before the drug dealers and the gangbangers woke up and visit the cemetery" then she proceeds to describe every square inch of the cemetery to me in this email (Henny is rarely short on prose) and she is not painting a pretty picture of this place, I might add. 

And then I see the good stuff coming on the horizon, she says "Kim, I found them. they were there in death just as they were in life, right next-door to each other– except for that awful Regina—she is down the street Kitty Corner —-with her son Willie.

(OK so I may be guilty of spreading a little gossip to Henny about Regina) 

Then she says—-"Look who I found buried there by her daughter Sherifa and her son John Nemon….".  Mary Nemon's Mother 

And we found Mary "Aziza" Nemon Jacobs mother. 

I will write an entry about Nora Nemon


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