The children of George and Aziza Jacobs taken at Jo-Anne’s wedding on June 27, 1987

George and Aziza’s children (L to R) Elizabeth, Al, Mae and the baby of the family, Bobby
Uncle Al, Aunt Lena, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Lucille at Jo-Anne Nadrasik’s wedding June 27, 1987


3 thoughts on “Family pics taken on June 27, 1987

    1. Did I reply to this question? I dont recall replying to it and I’m very sorry if I didn’t. Just in case I’ll answer it now Yes, there were a couple of brothers to Bobby and Al.

      One was named Harry and Harry had two daughters— one by the name of Beverly and one by the name of the Lorna Mae.

      Beverly passed away a few years back, as did Lorna Mae.

      There are only 2 surviving members of the Harry Jacob Clan—Deborah Erno (Beverly’s only Daugnter) and Michael Saad (lorna maes son)


  1. Yes there were a couple more brothers. The eldest was Harry. Harry and his wife Lorna had two daughters. BEverly and Lorna may. Beverly married somebody named Erno, and she passed away a few years ago. I have not been able to figure out what happened to Lorna Mae yet.

    Are you related Beth?


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