The Giacontieri Family (The Garry Family)

I have found another fascinating story from the Jacobs Ohana.  

This one comes to us by way of Aunt Lena, Uncle Bobby’s 2nd wife.  

Uncle Bobby (the youngest child of George and Aziza Jacob married Lena Kelly Garry On December 10, 1962.  It was a second marriage for both.  

Lena’s first marriage was in 1941 to Sullivan Giacontieri who later changed his name to Sullivan Garry.   

Aunt Lena and Sully had 3 children:  Joseph, Thomas and Melanie “GiGi” Garry.

Most of us in the family are familiar with the tragic loss of their daughter, 15 year old Gigi,  who died of a brain tumor in Jan 1965, but the Giacontieri Family was dealt another devastating blow in June of that same year. 


In June of 1965 Paul Giacontieri had recently graduated from high school in Las Vegas.   His sister, Paula Giacontieri, had just gotten married in April 1965 to man named David Rose.  

On June 20, 1965, Paul and his new brother-in-law, David Rose, along with two other young men, Bill Atler and his younger  brother Jack Atler set out to a remote desert location about 90-miles northwest of Las Vegas. 

Their intent: to joy dive into a deep, geothermal abyss called Devils Hole.  

Sadly, two of the young men would never remerge from this mysterious “fossil water” portal.

After suiting up with scuba tanks, masks and dive lights Paul, David and Bill dove into the womblike waters—the temperature nearly indistinguishable from that of our skin. 

Alter’s brother, Jack, remained stationed on the ledge in case anything went wrong. 

Sometime after midnight Giancontieri failed to resurface so Rose and Alter quickly re-dove in a vain attempt to locate their missing friend. 

Alter frantically followed Rose some 175 feet until Rose, too, disappeared into the vast liquid darkne­ss. 

The bodies of the brothers-in-law were never to be recovered.

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