Ellis Jacob caught my eye looking at The 1900 Census report from Dundee, Michigan.

The 1900 census lists a George Jacob as a nephew living with his uncle Ellis Jacob and family in Dundee, Michigan in 1900.

George does not marry Aziza until 2 years later in 1902.

From this 1900 census I learned that Ellis had a fruit store and George’s occupation is listed as a clerk in the fruit store.

The two witnesses at George and Aziza’s wedding were Annie Joseph and Anthony Jacob.

The 1900 census shows that living next-door to the Ellis Jacob family in Dundee was the Joseph family.

The Joseph’s had a daughter Annie Joseph and Anthony Jacob is Ellis oldest son.

I went and did a little more research on Ellis Jacob and his family.

Ellis Jacob 1886-1952 &

Martha Jacob 1872-1956

Ellis was born in 1866 in Lebanon and marries his wife Martha Jacob in 1886 when he is 20 years old.

Ellis and Martha have 4 children.

Elizabeth Jacob 1891-1968, Anthony Jacob 1892-1959, Mary Jacob Corbin 1896-1982 and Michael 1901-1949

Elizabeth is either born in Lebanon or en route to the US In 1891.

Ellis, Martha are in Ohio with Elizabeth for a couple of years, where their next 2 Children, Anthony & Mary are born.

Between 1897 and 1890 the Ellis Jacob family moves to Dundee, Michigan where the youngest, Michael was born.

Ellis opens a fruit store in Dundee and his children and his nephew George Jacob work in the fruit store with him.

Mary Jacob marries a man from Dundee named William Corbin and after a few years they move to Vermont.

In the early 1920’s Ellis, Martha, Elizabeth, Anthony, and Michael move from Dundee, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio and live at 1126 Superior Street in the North End of Toledo.

In the years of 1930-1940 the five of them are all living together on a farm in Washington Township, Ohio.

Three out of Ellis Jacob’s four children—Elizabeth, Tony and Michael, never marry.

The youngest child of Ellis and Martha, Michael, is the first one in their family to die in 1949 at 48 years old.

Ellis dies in 1952 and Martha 4 years later in 1956. Their eldest son Anthony dies three years after that in 1959.

At this point Elizabeth moves to Vermont to live with or near her sister Mary and she dies in Vermont in 1968.

Mary Jacob Corbin was the last family member to survive and she passed away in 1982.


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