These recipes are attributed to these regions in Lebanon, although you find them now as main dishes in most Lebanese homes across the country with local variations.

▪ Ain-Zibdeh: Hareeseh (wheat and chicken)

Baalbek: Safiha Baalbakieh (meat-stuffed puff pastry)

▪ Baino: Kebbe and Lahme bil-khal (meat mixed with crushed wheat and meat soaked in vinegar)

Baskinta: Makhlouta (meat, rice, and nuts)

Beirut: Samkeh Harra and Akhtabout (spicy fish and octopus), Roastuts

Beit Chabab: Riz bi-Djaj (chicken with rice)

Beit Mery: Kebbe Lakteen (pumpkin-flavoured meat)

Beiteddine: Kafta Bithine (spiced meat with sesame concentrate)

Broummana: Deleh Mehshi (stuffed rib cage of lamb)

Bsharri: Koussa bil-Laban (meat and rice-stuffed zucchini cooked in yoghurt)

Dhour El Choueir: Shish Barak (dough balls stuffed with ground beef and cooked in yoghurt)

Douma: Laban Immo (cooked yoghurt and lamb with rice)

Ehden: Kebbe Zghartweih (oven-cooked meat and crushed wheat blend)

El Koura: Abu Shoushe (topinambur and lentils stew)

▪ Ferzol: Freikeh (cooked wheat with meat)

Hammana: Fasoulya Hammanieh (kidney bean stew)

▪ Ihmej: Ghameh (stuffed cow intestines)

Jbeil: Koussa and Wark Inab bil-Kastaletah (stuffed zucchini, grape vines and steak)

▪ Kfar meshki: Kebbe bil-Kishk (meat mixed with wheat and yoghurt)

Marjayoun: Vine leaves with squash and grilled chicken

Nabatieh: Sfiha (open-faced meat pies made with ground mutton

Qalamoun: Fresh Carrot juice with ice cream inside

Ras El Matn: Fatet (yoghurt, fried bread and nuts)

▪ Rashana: Mjadrat Fasoulya (lentils and kidney beans)

Rashaya Al Wadi: Kebbe Heeleh (meatballs)

▪ Saghbeen and Machghara: Zinkoul bil-Laban (meat filled pastry and yoghurt)

Shouf: Fatet Batinjan (yoghurt, fried bread and aubergine) and mate

Sidon: Riz bil-Foul (Rice and fava beans)

Tripoli, Lebanon: Mjadrah and Fattoush (crushed lentils and salad)

Tyre: Saiyadit al-Samak (rice and fish)

Zahlé: Kebbe Zahleweieh (meat and crushed wheat blend)


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