Lebanese Dishes by Region

These recipes are attributed to these regions in Lebanon, although you find them now as main dishes in most Lebanese homes across the country with local variations.

▪ Ain-Zibdeh: Hareeseh (wheat and chicken)

Baalbek: Safiha Baalbakieh (meat-stuffed puff pastry)

▪ Baino: Kebbe and Lahme bil-khal (meat mixed with crushed wheat and meat soaked in vinegar)

Baskinta: Makhlouta (meat, rice, and nuts)

Beirut: Samkeh Harra and Akhtabout (spicy fish and octopus), Roastuts

Beit Chabab: Riz bi-Djaj (chicken with rice)

Beit Mery: Kebbe Lakteen (pumpkin-flavoured meat)

Beiteddine: Kafta Bithine (spiced meat with sesame concentrate)

Broummana: Deleh Mehshi (stuffed rib cage of lamb)

Bsharri: Koussa bil-Laban (meat and rice-stuffed zucchini cooked in yoghurt)

Dhour El Choueir: Shish Barak (dough balls stuffed with ground beef and cooked in yoghurt)

Douma: Laban Immo (cooked yoghurt and lamb with rice)

Ehden: Kebbe Zghartweih (oven-cooked meat and crushed wheat blend)

El Koura: Abu Shoushe (topinambur and lentils stew)

▪ Ferzol: Freikeh (cooked wheat with meat)

Hammana: Fasoulya Hammanieh (kidney bean stew)

▪ Ihmej: Ghameh (stuffed cow intestines)

Jbeil: Koussa and Wark Inab bil-Kastaletah (stuffed zucchini, grape vines and steak)

▪ Kfar meshki: Kebbe bil-Kishk (meat mixed with wheat and yoghurt)

Marjayoun: Vine leaves with squash and grilled chicken

Nabatieh: Sfiha (open-faced meat pies made with ground mutton

Qalamoun: Fresh Carrot juice with ice cream inside

Ras El Matn: Fatet (yoghurt, fried bread and nuts)

▪ Rashana: Mjadrat Fasoulya (lentils and kidney beans)

Rashaya Al Wadi: Kebbe Heeleh (meatballs)

▪ Saghbeen and Machghara: Zinkoul bil-Laban (meat filled pastry and yoghurt)

Shouf: Fatet Batinjan (yoghurt, fried bread and aubergine) and mate

Sidon: Riz bil-Foul (Rice and fava beans)

Tripoli, Lebanon: Mjadrah and Fattoush (crushed lentils and salad)

Tyre: Saiyadit al-Samak (rice and fish)

Zahlé: Kebbe Zahleweieh (meat and crushed wheat blend)


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