Jacob or Jacobs?

Are you a Jacob or a Jacobs?

In our family some of us use the surname Jacob and others use Jacobs.

If you are a descendent of Charles and Margaret Jacobs or their children then you are a Jacobs.

Charles Jacobs Children:

  • Thomas Jacobs
  • William J Jacobs
  • Frederick Francis Jacobs
  • Raymond Jacobs
  • Amos Jacobs (Danny Thomas)
  • Emily Mary Jacobs
  • Paul George Jacobs
  • Edward Peter Jacobs
  • Samuel Samson Jacobs
  • Daniel Alfred Jacobs

If you are a descendent of George and Mary “Aziza” Jacob, more than likely you are a Jacob.

George Jacob Children:

  • Harry Jacob
  • Agnes Jacob Syroka
  • William T. Jacob
  • Alex Jacob
  • Elizabeth Jacob Michaels
  • Mae Jacob
  • George Jacobs Jr ***
  • Robert “Bobby” Jacob**

***George Jacobs Jr.’s used the name Jacobs and his entire family are Jacobs.

**Bobby Jacob used Bobby Jacobs occasionally, but his Children use Jacob.

Jacob or Jacobs, we are all one family.


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