About: A Jacobs Blog is Born 

September 2016

A couple of months ago I started researching my husband Doug’s family, our namesakes, The Jacobs Family.

This research brought together two of my great loves, my love of history and the love of my husband Doug.

Doug and Kim Jacobs, June 20, 1998

The Jacob family settled in Toledo, Ohio after immigrating from Bsharri, Lebanon.

My husband, Doug was born in Toledo, but moved to San Diego with his family when he was 10 years old in 1980. Doug has a very few memories of Toledo.

He remembers going to the Toledo Gold Digger hockey games with his dad, Paul and his great Uncle Bobby.

Uncle Bobby Jacobs of Toledo, Ohio

Doug recalls how he and his brothers Greg and Jeff, would go down in the basement And pretend they were the Toledo Gold Diggers making the entrance on the ice. .

At the time Uncle George lived in the basement and says he would come home late after closing down the bars and here would come the 3 boys banging their hockey sticks on the cement floor at 6 am.

Doug  also has a very funny story about Uncle Bob.  Bobby was babysitting the boys one night and Bobby had bamboozled Doug out of all of the pennies in his piggy bank, and Bobby was rubbing it in with his “oh Baby, oh Baby, this is all my money now, baby”, so Doug called the police on him.

Doug wanted to know more about the Toledo Jacobs, so I set out to learn all I could for the both of us.

I started with Doug’s great-grandparents, George and Mary Jacob of Toledo, their children and extended family.

Mary “Aziza” Nemon JacobsGeorge Jacob

While doing this research I managed to absolutely fall in love with this large, colorful Lebanese-American family.

The person who captivated my attention from the start was my husbands great-grandmother, Mary Jacob, or as the family calls her, Aziza.

Aziza’s big beautiful eyes drew me in initially, but it was reading her story through documentation that she completely stole my heart.  I have become so fond of Aziza that when I found her death records from 1947,  I cried the entire rest of the day.

As I continued researching this Maronite Catholic family with roots in Bsharri, Northern Lebanon, I found that the more I learned, the less I knew.

With every answer, Came 3 new questions.

By the end of August I had collected quite a few documents,  a couple of pictures and about a million and a half questions and I decided to create this blog.

My reasons for starting the blog initially:

  • Display a family tree
  • Work with other family members to preserve family history.
  • Share historical family stories.
  • Learn more about the Lebanese-American culture
  • Share family research with other family members.
  • Create a place to store important health information for current and future generations.
  • Share family pictures

Initially I saw it as a way to trade genealogical information, some health history and pictures with other family members.

Then I thought of a few more ideas:

  • Create a family directory with everyone’s contact information
  • Post individual family history interviews that can live on
  • Create a section for family recipes
  • Plan family holidays, trips or family get togethers.
  • Share important family information like wedding, birth announcements, etc.

I realized that this can be a place that not only holds information about the past, but it can also hold information about the present and for the future.

……..the possibilities are endless.  We are only limited by our imaginations.

Kim Jacobs
The Wife of Douglas Paul Jacobs, September 15, 2016 in Roseville, California

Kim Jacobs, Roseville, Ca