The Giacontieri Family (The Garry Family)

I have found another fascinating story from the Jacobs Ohana.   This one comes to us by way of Aunt Lena, Uncle Bobby’s 2nd wife.   Uncle Bobby (the youngest child of George and Aziza Jacob married Lena Kelly Garry On December 10, 1962.  It was a second marriage for both.   Lena’s first marriage was in 1941 to Sullivan Giacontieri who later changed his name to Sullivan Garry.    Aunt Lena and Sully had 3 children:  Joseph, Thomas and Melanie “GiGi” Garry. Most of us in the family are familiar with the tragic loss of their daughter, 15 year … Continue reading The Giacontieri Family (The Garry Family)

Bsharri, The Kairouz Family THE ORIGIN & MEANING OF BECHARRE GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY  For years now, the capital of Lebanon has been enjoying tremendous progress and has developed so many foreign contacts, and been modernised so that any foreigner, what ever his nationality, has no difficulty in feeling quite at home in its midst. Its buildings, its places of entertainment, its way of life and its outlook have tended more and more to resemble those of the West. Naturally, all this progress carries a distinctly Lebanese stamp but, it is, all the same, rather difficult to limit to Beirut one’s true view of … Continue reading Bsharri, The Kairouz Family